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I'm off to Germany for a week and a half. I tell you this not because I think you'll notice the frequency of my posts decrease, but in the vain hope that this'll prompt me to post pictures when I get back.

To add some small value to this post, I'll inform you that the phrase of the week shall be: "Entangled Inebriate". Deadwood is a fantastic show. Watch it already.


Julie said:

I hope you didn't forget my postcard.

Cait said:

Where are your pictures? Pretty sure my roommate stole one of my candy bars, only pictures can make it up to me.

Bensbane Author Profile Page said:

That's just wrong. We'll see if I can get pictures above WoW on my priority list. A Magic 8 Ball might say "Outlook not so good".

aeon3 said:

Where are the pictures of you mud wrestling with hot german barmaids?

Bensbane Author Profile Page said:

Man, those women carry around 10+ liters of beer, in heavy glass mugs, all day with no problem. They could pick me up and break me in half.

Now that I think about it, that would be a great picture.

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