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I'm off to Germany for a week and a half. I tell you this not because I think you'll notice the frequency of my posts decrease, but in the vain hope that this'll prompt me to post pictures when I get back.

To add some small value to this post, I'll inform you that the phrase of the week shall be: "Entangled Inebriate". Deadwood is a fantastic show. Watch it already.

Posting Again? Inconceivable!

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I have a theme song!

UPDATE: I may have a theme song, but that link won't take you to it. I'd find another copy, if I could remember what song it was....

BECAUSE IT'S EASIER TO UPDATE THAN MAKE A NEW POST: I remembered! It's Wierd Al's White and Nerdy, removed from YouTube because the RIAA hates publicity for their artists. Rather than make another broken link, here's a search results page that should let you find it. Check it out, the video is far superior to the original.

My New Hero!

This guy rocks.