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I've got a new favorite website...MeFi Music. A branch of the just-turned-seven Metafilter, MeFi Music lets users upload songs they've created.

The variety of music available is impressive, despite the current total of 350 or so songs. Browsing the most-popular charts leads to gems like "Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo" by virt, a song "programmed in notepad using a TurboGrafx 16 (PC Engine)". You read that right, programmed in notepad.

If that's not quite your speed, you might like a cover of "You Spin Me Round", by local Duluth artist Jerree Small. I picked up Jerree's CD after listening to a few of her songs, and it's great.

On an stranger note, check out The Scarring Party, which has odd tracks like Ocean Bottom and No More Room In Hell. I've ordered their CD as well, I might have more to say about it after it arrives.

So, waste no more time! Head over to MeFi Music and check it out.


aeon3 said:

Yes! Now I'm F'n happy :-P Some cool stuff on that music site. I've got notepad up; 8-bit (16-bit) music engines, here i come! Thanks for the heads-up.

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