Sweet Victory


After far too much hair pulling, I've successfully upgraded Pete's blog to Wordpress 2.0. It went something like the following.

  1. Visit upgrade page
  2. Utterly ignore HUGE BOLD HEADER that reads Detailed Upgrade Instructions for 1.5.x to 2.0
  3. Attempt to upgrade 1.2x to 2.0
  4. Cry

The huge bold header problem is a very common theme for me. I tend to ignore things like that. I believe it has something to do with assuming that it's just a summary of some sort and that all the really important information is in the text below it. Apparently I never learn.

Also, as a note to any Wordpress developers out there, if you require that 1.2 users upgrade to 1.5 before moving to 2.0, it would be very nice if 1.5 existed somewhere on your website.


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