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The View from the Top

Grand Canyon Wall
Tree at the Grand Canyon

Of the Grand Canyon, aka The Big Hole in the Ground.

The View from the Bottom

The Mirage hotel, seen from The Venetian
Las Vegas Palm

Of the Venetian, looking up at the Mirage. Also, one of the trees around the Mirage at night.

Is That a Rhetorical Question?


On a magazine at the supermarket checkout this morning:

Are you psychic?

Something tells me that if you need help with that question, the answer is probably NO.



On Sun Country's Wings

Clouds from the plane

My flight to Las Vegas provided ample time for reflection, resulting in my derivation of the following equation.

   Sun Country Cheeseburger
 + Lurching Airport Shuttle of Doom

Worst. State. EVER.

Violators will be crushed and melted

I submit to you, dear reader, that the only good thing about Iowa is this sign, found in a Chili's parking lot.

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!


A friend of mine is doing his stand-up act in a couple weeks. I've seen him before and he's very funny, so if you're looking for something to do you should check it out.

Date: April 8
Time: 8pm
Location: Holiday Inn, downtown Duluth, Lake Superior Room
Cost: $5

Vacationing in Sin


I'm heading off to Las Vegas for a long weekend. If you notice the change in my posting frequency, you're looking too hard.

Expect pictures of Sin City, skydiving, and the Grand Canyon next week.

ALSO: This is my first post from my home computer in something like 5 months. What a pain.

Furry Beast Love


Ghost in the Shell


God is a symbol that denies the absence of meaning.

God is to analog as zero is to binary.

[thanks waxy links]



Not as Bad as You Think


Why do all of these people look like they're having sex? [via waxy links]