How May I Ignore You Today?


Around 7:15AM today I was heading to work in the left lane of I-35. I was not there because I am too stupid to understand "Slower Traffic Move Right" signs. I was there to pass. Specifically, I wanted to get around the semi to my right.

The semi had other plans.

The driver decided that he couldn't wait long enough for me to pass, he had to make pass NOW. He proceeds to cut me off. Not almost hitting me cutting me off, but I ended up getting way closer to his back end than I needed to be.

This irritated me.

What irritated me eve more, however, was the fact that his relatively rapid lane change caused him to move too far left. Outside the painted lines, in fact.

Result: My car was sandblasted by the salt/dirt that waits just outside the boundaries of intelligent driving.

Just for fun, I decided that today would be the day that I actually used the equivalent of a "How's my driving?" number. I took note of his truck number and the company, and I called them when I got to work.

The man that answered the phone actually seemed irritated that I would bother him with a complaint about a driver. He took my name, number, and got a description of what happened.

  • Discourteous Un-helper Monkey: "So maybe he didn't see you?"
  • Me: "That's a distinct possibility"
  • DUM: "Well, there's not much we can do about that"

Really?? I'm pretty sure that trucks have mirrors, and they're there for the express purpose of enabling the driver to see the area around him. If you can't see a bright blue car with huge headlights that happen to be on, I think maybe there is something you can do.

Quit driving.


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