PC Load Letter??


I learned something very important about society's priorities at a gas station last night. I was perusing a bulletin board at said gas station and noticed three different postings.

Two of them were missing children posters. At least, I think they were children. When you print your flier with a dot-matrix printer that has suffered massive blunt trauma, sometimes it's a little hard to tell if your picture is, in fact, your child, or if perhaps you accidentally dropped that Bigfoot picture you snagged in there.

I kid, I kid. Seriously, those 25 pixels were the best I've ever seen.

Next to these works of modern art was the third flier. It featured an advertisement for a hypnotist. This guy's face was bigger than the whole missing children section. Full color, no smeared dot-matrix for this man. You could count the pores on his ugly mug.

Luckily, I will now recognize this man if I ever pass him on the street. Those kids, though...I'm going to do a double-take whenever I walk past potted plants and bath towels.


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