The Promised Pictures

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A few days ago I promised some pictures of my new WRX, so here we go.



Way After!

Precision Auto Body & Sales of Carlton did the work for me and gave me a great deal on the car. Highly recommended.

I love this car.


Zero Tolerance said:

Curiousity leads to Splooging
Splooging leads to Jealousy
Jealousy leads to Suffering...

-Automobile Jedi

May the gas be with you...

Me said:

Andrew...I somehow stumbled upon this site and it has made me CRACK up :-) It has been quite humerous to read about your plight with the DVD player and your dissapointment with the Ford Escort :-)

Frank Rizzo said:

Screw that blue piece of shit, what's that sexy maroon machine next to it?

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