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Dear Duluth Drivers,

When travelling on Interstate Highways, it is NOT necessary to alter one's speed when navigating normal curves in the road. These highways are banked. You know, like Nascar. Banked. The road will hold you in place. The urge is strong, I know, but keep your foot off the brake.

Continuing to decrease your speed by up to seven (7) mph while descending on I-35 into Duluth will have consequences. I will hunt you down. I will find where you live. I will destroy you and your entire family, root and branch. None shall escape my wrath.

This is your final warning.




ZeroTolerance said:

I am not disputing the fact that breaking in a bend of the freeway within a zone of non-precipitated pavement is wrong, however you do own a WRX. This means that maneuvering around obstacles of unrighteous stupidity should be fairly simple and somewhat entertaining. Likewise, hunting them down should parallel the ease of dodging their lump of rolling metal.

In conclusion, kick some ass.

Short Live the "Road Retards" and the insatiable quest to crush these "feeble barbarians of the paved wasteland".

Zero Tolerance

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