The Epic Struggle


The beast had returned. Months ago I thought its defeat had been final, but some shred must have survived my wrath.

The signs of its return were obvious. Water was rising, threatening to engulf my bathroom in suds. It had started the day previous, but now it was too much to ignore.

What terrible beast could wreak such havoc, you ask? The dreaded Pube Monster. Chosen lair: My shower drain.

I had been only partially successful before, but this time, I must destroy it utterly and completely. I reached for my weapon. It was the Thursday of Reckoning.

Suitably armed with my Plunger of Doom, +2 vs. Hair Beasts (excluding Miah), I leaped into the fray. My furious plunging availed me not, and I was forced to make a strategic withdrawal. For a full day our standoff continued, neither side willing to blink. This could not last.

Friday arrived. Again I set foot in the domain of the beast, and again the water rose up to meet me. Again I wielded my trusty plunger, but this time I was not to be denied. I fought to the bitter end, hope dwindling as I struggled. Near exhaustion, I gave my final plunge, and with a great sucking slurp the great Pube Monster of '04 was pulled to its most timely demise.

Fear me, beasts of the drain, for I am your bane, and your time has come.


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