My New Vendetta

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Quote from last Tuesday:

"There are literally dollars lying around the plant floor. We just have to figure out how to pick them up."

No. No. NO. I just toured the plant. I looked at the floor. There are no dollars out there. It's bare cement. If there were literally dollars out there I would literally be a few dollars richer right now.

This is by no means an isolated incident. The dictionary makes note of the continued abuse of this word. This must stop.

I propose drastic action. I call on all readers of to take matters into their own hands. Whenever such flagrant language abuse takes place within earshot, pull out your trusty clue-by-four and apply some sense to the offending miscreant. Helping make the world safe for language since 2004.


Frank Rizzo said:

For more than a hundred years, people have not been receiving the beatings they rightfully deserve. This must be changed! We should literally beat people for being idiots!

Zero Tolerance said:

I concurr with your perilous pilgrammage:

surceasing blasphemic vernacular ruination...


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