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Behold, yea mighty, and despair! Bear witness now to my mad pimpin' skillz!

The scene: Target, Electronics department.

The players: Myself, my girlfriend, and Random Girl.

Myself and Girlfriend walk through Target, entering the Electronics section for a quick look around.

Random Girl approaches, completely unnoticed.

Random Girl accelerates, moving past me rapidly, and says the following:

"I like your beard".

I spring into action, responding as follows:

... ... ... ... (gapes like fish) (blushes furiously)

Random Girl disappears into the great unknown.

Girlfriend falls to floor, rolls around, laughs uncontrollably.

Elapsed time between run-by compliment and disappearance: 5-10 seconds.

Total number of thoughts processed by my brain during said 5-10 seconds: ZERO. I don't even remember a single thing about what she looked like.

I hope you all took notes.


Ide said:

Nice job Chris!

ZeroTolerance said:

I bow in humbling silence to your socially inept behavior

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