Tree: 1, Andrew: 0


I engaged in a bit of aerial acrobatics this past evening. My friend J has some new buddies from work and they took us out to Spirit Mountain, an exaggeration if I ever heard one.

Regardless of its pathetic status as a pseudo-mountain, Spirit was brutal to me. Read on for pictures and more...

You should see the tree!!
Click for disgusting

The highlight of the evening, as I'm sure J will agree, occurred on the way back down the hill. I was poorly traversing a somewhat steep downhill and failed utterly to keep my weight far enough back.

I saw the ground in front of me.

I saw the sky above me.

It was a beautiful forward roll, perfect in its execution, ruined only by the fact that I wrapped myself around a tree at its conclusion. tip of the day: No matter how small the tree, it wins. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, attempt to destroy said tree with your back. It's a poor plan.

Not two minutes after I picked myself up off the ground, I thought to myself, "Self, that went pretty well...why don't you try it again?". tip #2: Leave well enough alone. little known fact of the day: Rocks are even harder than trees.

Hopefully sometime in the near future my pictures and stories of where I was will be more interesting that what it did to me. As always, I'll keep you posted.


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