The Grammar Nazi

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I had a revelation of sorts while in the shower this morning.

Don't worry, you can keep reading, this isn't going to get dirty.

I was pondering the aggressively negative reaction that some people (including myself) display when words are misused and grammar rules are flagrantly violated. People seem to regard this as excessively pedantic, anal, and arrogant. I will now present an analogy that may be helpful in explaining this behavior.

Language is music.

Language is a vehicle for transmitting the abstract, transferring ideas from one mind to another. When properly constructed, words flow together and become more than a sequence of individual letters. Ideas, images, emotions, all these can be evoked by a well-turned phrase.

Music can convey the same information. It is, perhaps, somewhat less precise, but can be more powerful in conveying certain ideas, especially emotion.

Now, what does this have to do with a Grammar Nazi? An improper word choice is a sour note in the symphony. It drags the mind down from the higher level that the words are trying to evoke and focuses the mind instead on the method used to communicate. It is a jarring and unpleasant experience.

In conclusion, ungood grammer and spelling hurt's my head and its all teh Intarweb's fault.


You ain't gots ta learn me nothin'. I speak good!

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