Land-Speed Record Broken in Cloquet!


Wed Sep 1, 12:45 PM CT

CLOQUET, MN (Bensbane Press) - Grandma's Cloquet Cafe of Cloquet, MN set a new land-speed record today. Lunch was served in an awe-inspiring time of 43.0 minutes, sit-down to departure.

The previous record of 87.5 minutes, also held by Grandma's Cloquet Cafe, was shattered by today's effort. This historic event was witnessed by our crack team of journalists as they dined at the Cloquet branch of the Grandma's franchise.

"Hopefully I'm not eligible for Social Security by the time we get out of here today," came the usual quip as we entered the dining area.

An unstoppable combination of snappy service and prompt attention from the chef rapidly changed the tune of all involved as we were stricken speechless by the arrival of our orders in a mere 15 minutes.

"I haven't seen food move that fast since your mom chased the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile™ down Main St!" came the joyous proclamation as the server delivered our entrees.

As a result of this spectacular performance, Grandma's Cloquet Cafe has been upgraded to 3/5 stars, up from 1.5/5.


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