And Here I Thought Monday was Yesterday...

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There are certain things you're not familiar with when you drive a car that earns you the nickname "Rusty White Team Leader". One of these things is the Panic button on a keyless entry device.

This can lead to problems.

My gas tank "sprung a leak" last night. This phrase really doesn't do justice to the reality of the entire seam in the tank giving way and spewing gas at the same time, but it will have to do. As a result I'm borrowing a considerably nicer vehicle for the day. Here comes the patented tip of the day:

Be careful how you carry your keys.

If you fail to heed this hard-won advice, you may end up with a honking car horn at 7am and the painful realization that you have no idea how to it turn off. There will be flashing lights, there will be embarrassment, but if you're as lucky as me, there will be no cops.


Iblis said:

And here I thought you would have learned from your relatives...

Bensbane Author Profile Page said:

What fun is that? Painful lessons like these are so much better if you do it yourself.

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