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Dear Woman-that-tried-to-run-me-off-the-freeway-this-morning,

I am writing to you regarding the incident on I-35 this morning in which you drifted out of your lane, nearly colliding with me as I attempted to pass you. I noticed as you were sporadically braking in front of me that your car is an utter pile of junk. It is old, it is rusty, it is dirty. Make: irrelevant, Model: irrelevant. Driving that car, you will never impress anyone.

Having established that, bensbane.net would like to offer you a free piece of advice.

Applying mascara while driving this rolling disaster WILL NOT help. Please desist immediately.



UPDATE: MrAirbear suggests a relevant Dave Barry column here. Get it while it's hot.


MrAirbear said:

Helpful as always Andrew. You should read Dave Barry's column on driving, found here.

MrAirbear said:

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/col/barryd/ - your blog doesn't like HTML

Bensbane Author Profile Page said:

Maybe it just doesn't like you. HTML comments are now enabled.

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