Memento in Real Life


The Setting: A Subway-like Greek restaurant.

Me: I'll have a chicken gyro.
Short-Term Memory Loss Victim: Tomatoes and onions on that?
M: No onions, please.

*STMLV starts making gyro*
*STMLV dumps HUGE spoonful of onions on gyro*

M: NO onions on mine, please!
STMLV: I'm sorry, I asked and I thought you said you wanted them. Should I make you a new one?
M: No thanks, just take the onions off.

*STMLV removes onions, completes gyro, moves to register*

STMLV: Would you like chips with this?
M: Yeah, Ranch Doritos

*STMLV grabs chips*
*M moves to table, opens chips, starts eating*
*M notices that chips are orange. Inspects bag, realizes that he received NACHO CHEESIER DORITOS.*

Sometimes I wonder about people.


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