Lessons Learned

Jay Cooke State Park

The following information was most certainly not obtained first-hand by myself this past weekend. I would never be this stupid. Really.

If you're ever trying to reserve a camping site in Minnesota, there's an important fact that you should know: Split Rock Lighthouse is NOT the same as Split Rock Creek. Not the same at all. They are not even anywhere near each other. In fact, they are about as far apart as you can get and still be in Minnesota.

So, if you reserve a site at Split Rock Creek, drive to Split Rock Lighthouse, and tell them you reserved their group site, they're going to give you some funny looks. Then they're going to tell you that they don't have a group site. Then they're going to tell you that all the parks in the area are full. Then you're going to have to drive home and camp in your buddy's back yard.


On the bright side, my girlfriend did get some very nice pictures.


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