Attack of the Stereotypes


I went to a .NET User Group meeting yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I am a nerd.

Anyway, I was amused at just how much it resembled what I was expecting. The most obvious indicator that we were in a room full of programmers was the male:female ratio. I counted approximately sixty men and four women. Yes. FOUR. And of course, two of the four women were of Asian descent. It was just like being back in college.

The presenter was painful. Terrible. Inane. He thought he was funny. He wasn't. Also just like being back in college. Choice quote:

"Are you guys sleeping or am I just not funny today?"

There are some questions that you don't want the answer to, sir. Another good one:

"You can't really read this part of the website, by design."

That's fantastic, why are you bothering to put it there if you aren't supposed to be able to read it?

Sometimes I wonder about people.


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